Our GoBro BE KURA tanks come with an idea of liberation, of beating The Man, and self expression through your own actions. Whether it's finishing the hike to the top of a mountain, graduating school, jumping in a pool, starting your own company, lifting a heap of weights, or just showing off your DadBod ;) we want you to be happy with yourself and have fun too!

So for every bod out there just put on a tank, #GoBro, #GoBabe, and #GoDoYou.


  • Patent-pending design for easy re-assembly.
  • 100% Cotton, pre-shrunk.
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Machine wash this bad boy on cold.
  • Tumble dry on delicate. If you don't know how (or just plain don't want to do it), ask your babe to help.
  • Do not bleach my man!