Who We Are (OLD)

Kura was born out of a garage and a public track.  Made up of a small group of dedicated athletes who believed in our vision even when we had little to provide them. We got by with what we had, passion and a lot of heart. We do not claim to better than anyone else or anything else because we know everyone is different and what works for one person may not work for another. We emphasize the importance of figuring out the mental and physical journey you are on and how to discover more about ourselves and what we are capable of.


Melissa Guitron (Owner and Founder) | Your mental head game, your accountability and steward of your fitness. My job is to teach you how to make fitness your own. How to make it more than just an activity, but a mechanism that you can use as a spring pad to achieve great things. I hold myself to the same high standards/accountability that I hold my athletes to, determined to not just reach but surpass my goals and aspirations. Because of this I bring those same expectations to my athletes. It doesn’t matter if you are one of my kids or middle aged athletes, if you have a dream we can achieve it together. Don’t speak it and not expect me to hold you to it.

Qualifications: Graduated from California State University Chico
Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
OPEX CCP Level 1 - Associate Coach (case study in progress)
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Football Trainer
CrossFit Kids Trainer
CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer
CrossFit Mobility Trainer
USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance Coach
Catalyst Athletics Level 1 Certified Coach
Lululemon Ambassador


Michele Quigley (Head Trainer)  When Michele encountered CrossFit, it was like all of her passions for fitness were combined: “fitness for sport”. She describes her introduction to CrossFit as “it was love at first WOD” and since completing her first CrossFit workout shortly before the start of the 2012 Open, she’s never looked back. She's now a Level 1 certified coach who continues to train competitively and loves sharing her love for CrossFit with her 6:00am group along with anyone that will listen. Michele firmly believes that if you aren’t even slightly nervous about your workout each day, you’re doing something wrong.

Qualifications: Graduated from California State University Chico, Exercise Physiology

National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
TRX Certified
Lululemon Ambassador

Thank you for the few that believed in us from the beginning.