Who We Are (OLD)

Who We Are

We are not a fad.  We are not a quick fix. If you are looking for an easy solution to your health and fitness, we are not it.

We are a strength and conditioning facility located in downtown San Mateo, we focused on teaching others how to train properly.  We are a community built of those who work, hard. A team dedicated to offering only the best – coaching, service and support because it is what our athletes deserve. We believe in you, your goals and your needs. At Kura you are given the tools to progress beyond levels you thought were possible. Results are seen, goals accomplished and progress made from every athlete during every workout.

We operate on a closed class philosophy which is not exclusive but rather so inclusive that we hold everyone to the same high standard.  We do this to control the environment, because without control there can be no standards. We hold each person to their own individual standards in order to reach their highest potential. We do not wish to have hundreds of members nor do not want to be part of trendy society or a fad. We believe too many gyms have thrown people into “high intensity” training without a foundation,  leading to injuries. Our aim is to provide training that does no harm. We will make you stronger, you will leave feeling better. This is our promise. We welcome and invite all those who have the desire and willingness to train to join us.

Kura Strength: Athletes. Community. Results.

We offer private and semi-private  training, small group, and lifestyle/nutrition consults. (youth training*)


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