Who is Kura For?


Kura was formed with a goal. 

Our purpose is simple: to build the best gym in San Mateo. Knowing that a gym is only as strong as the community that supports it, we are committed to providing world-class coaching, programming and customer service. It is our goal to take people from point A to point B – from where they are to where they want to go.

This is not just a place for elite athletes. This is a place for people who are determined to improve their fitness and wellness. We provide training based on your goals, interest and commitment but we strive to form one community.

If you’re looking for a new way of doing things – if you’re looking for a community and gym that you can be proud of, then look no further. Those that join are a special breed.

Here is a look at the different programs we have available. 


If you are just starting your fitness journey, our Standards Program is here to help you. The program is designed to meet you where you are and help you develop a fitness base. This means focusing on increasing strength and mobility while conditioning your body to get in shape. This program consist of 10-15 personal, 2:1 or 3:1 training sessions. This program also includes mobility work to keep your body happy and healthy, your personal nutrition template to eat for body composition and performance goals, and everything else you need for success. It’s hard work but who says we can’t have a little fun along the way.

None! Quit telling yourself you are going to get in shape before you start training and let us help. 

Group Coaching  

Group Coaching is the solution for the individual looking for a supportive community that shares their desire to be healthier and happier. At a fraction of the price of personal training, it also allows our athletes to work with a professional coach for a fraction of the investment. Simply put, Group Coaching is designed to improve our athletes health and performance in a way that is most meaningful for their needs and desires. As everyone walking in our doors has a vast range of personal goals and ability levels, our group-coaching is designed with the flexibility to meet those needs. 

Program Features 

We have designed our Group Coaching program to value the time and quality of our athletes training.
All sessions are 75 minutes long.* This extend class structure allows for a complete warmup, strength and conditioning component without anything being sacrificed. No cutting things short, no rushing out the door. 
We have also designed our facility layout to match these values. Personalized lifting stations, assure that all athletes have the tools and space they need to focus on their workouts, less time wasted on transitions and equipment searching. Time should be spent on training, not fighting for space on the pull up bar :)


Group Training is for veteran athletes that have been doing CrossFit for more than 6 months and would like to have their strength, skills and technique elevated. In order to join the program, athletes must meet specific skill requirements and or have complete our Standard Program before joining the program.