On-Site Training

New to Training?

If you are just starting your fitness journey and would like to join our community, let's make it happen. 


On-Site Training

Simply put, On-Site Coaching is designed to improve our athletes’ health and performance in a way that is most meaningful for their individual desires.

Individualized Fitness in a Connected Community Environment

Everyone walking in our doors has a vast range of personal goals and ability levels, so our on-site training floor is flexibly designed to meet you wherever you are, regardless of experience, goals, age or fitness level.

At a fraction of the price of personal training, it also allows you to work with a professional coach at a more affordable price. 

Program Features

We have designed our Group Coaching program to value your time while still offering quality every single session

All group training sessions are 75 minutes long. This extended training structure allows for a complete warm-up, strength training and a conditioning component without sacrificing any of it. No cutting things short, no rushing out the door.

Specialized layout. Our facility has been designed to match these values. Personalized lifting stations assure that all athletes have the tools and space they need to focus on their workouts so they don’t waste time on transitions or equipment-searching. Your valuable time should be spent on training, not fighting for space on the pull-up bar!

Education. Our qualified coaches educate and empower you on how to incorporate your training into your daily life… this is where we will also coach you on balance and sustainability.