Exclusive Individual Coaching

The workouts are developed to help you target your goals, make you stronger, healthier, and more fit and can include a weekly program design.

Exclusive Coaching begins with a one-hour initial Kura-Fit Check. This session can be done on-site at our facility or via Skype. You and your coach will review your training history, nutrition and lifestyle factors, current strengths and weaknesses and short and long-term goals.

What comes next?

Your coach will assess your movement, body composition, work capacity, strength balance, food profiles and lifestyle factors in order to create a training plan that matches your goals. Your coach will then send you your weekly programming every Sunday evening upon receiving your training results from the prior week. 

Exclusive Coaching Clients can work out at their own facility, home or at our South Railroad location between 8am and 4pm.   

Looking for this kind of one-on-one, intensive coaching? First, schedule a Kura FitCheck with us so we can make see what you’re looking for. This is required of all exclusive coaching clients.


Want to continue having hands on coaching? 

We offer one-on-one as well. One-on-one training assures that your needs, deficiencies and strengths are not only  factored into your customized plan but what your are receiving the guidance to move correctly. 

Rapport and relationships matter. Surround yourself with those who are going to enrich your life, including a coach you love. We want to get to know you, your lifestyle, your fitness goals, and what you need from us to succeed.

Ready to get started or want to find out more?  Contact us for more information and pricing