Jaron Vesely 

I found myself upside down on the wall when she told me to push up. I said, "Are you crazy? I can't do that". She told me I could, just take a breath, lock in my core and push. And I did it -- I got my first handstand push-up. Two in a row, actually.

Training at Crossfit Kura provides me the perfect balance of structure and forward momentum. The emphasis on foundational building blocks enables me to accomplish things I didn't think were possible, and the firm but positive motivation helps me quiet my inner critic. I'm not just left alone in a box to perform a workout with strange acronyms and abbreviations - I'm guided through a series of interrelated movements with continuous adjustment and correction towards a clearly defined goal.

I was always the kid who would rather stay indoors and play videos games than go outside and play sports. But thanks to Melissa Guitron, Michele Quigley-Borg, and the whole family at CrossFit Kura, for the first time in my life I consider myself an athlete.
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