Your Kid Is Going To Turn Out OK

For most families Tee-ball is Little League sign up time and which can be an exciting time or period of dread. At one end of the spectrum you have the kids who naturally find their place on the field excelling behind the plate or snagging balls at second base. The parents of these kids get to sigh in relief and enjoy season with pride. But what about the kid who decides to sit down and pick flowers when he's put in the out field. The one who swings after the ball has passed home plate. As a parent did you somehow already fail your child at the age of 6? Foreverly dooming them to the life of the "bench warmer." It's hard not to let brain start running through the options; hire a coach to do privates, give him incentives to want to try harder, reprimand him for not knowing how to pay attention. You just want him to succeed

Take a step back and put yourself in the shoes of a six year old, let's stand in the sun waiting for a ball to possibly come you way. It's hot and your friends are all too far away to talk to and the pants you are wearing are itchy. 

Reality: baseball is boring.

This might seem like a shock to some parents and I know many of you may not agree. My point is simply to put into perspective what you are asking of your child and present some other options that might turn out to be more enjoyable for them and you this spring season.  

  • gymnastics
  • rock climbing
  • swimming 
  • family "adventure" time
  • soccer and basketball for FUN

The benefits of this type of physical activity?

- Exposing them to gymnastics and rock climbing helps to build upper body strength from a young age.

-They learn how to move naturally and develop a relationship around fitness that is their own, rather than based on social pressures.

- Fitness from a young age becomes apart of the family life. Playing games that involve hand eye coordination in the backyard with YOU is a start. Yes it will require you participation but your child will benefit much more from the half hour of attention than than sitting in an out field for an hour. 

- And the kicker, your kids won't need Tommy John surgery at the age of 12 because you thought making them pitch 5x a week would turn them into a star.