Give Thanks.

"I was speaking with a friend and I suggested that we must consider it luck or ourselves blessed when we find that thing, some thing, perhaps THE thing that speaks to the heart of us, without interpretation, directly. In the moment I was harnessed to the context of sport and experience but the concept is universal. If we trust ourselves enough and believe in ourselves enough to be who we truly are and not simply who others say we are (or should be) then we might get lucky enough to find the thing that defines us or describes us or allows us to live fully, fulfilled. 
I was lucky to find the mountains and to be found by them. I am forever changed. That sort of change is an uncommon and hard experience but one we seek once we understand we can survive it, and thrive from it. So it becomes the guiding light, to keep seeking, even as objectives and values evolve.
You have not arrived. Keep searching. 
And be grateful for having the freedom to do so. In other words, Give Thanks"
                                                                                                                             -Mark Twight


The search has ended. For me it's what is occurring within the undefined walls of Kura. The energy and dedication of my athletes and coaches to be their best.  Hungry and humble.  I could not be more thankful.