SUNDAY | [ACTIVE] Recovery Day



How we perceive our workouts, our nutritional choices, our abilities. [The realization] the outcome of our choices are far less a result of our capabilites and far more a result of what perceive to be possible. 

How do you perceive your "rest" days? There is not right answer on how to spend your days away from the gym but they do play a large part in your progress. When you perceive your days out of the gym as part of your training program vs. "rest days" your training as a whole improves.  




RISE and RESTORE: Start your morning with 25-40 minutes of physical activity. This should be an activity that is restorative to YOU. A 40 minute run that leaves you feeling destroyed is not restorative. The goal is to end your session feeling energized, blood flowing, ready to have a good day.


We are fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful places in the country, take advantage of the amazing hiking and cycling trails. This is your day to not be inside if possible. 


BODY CHECK: When get home stop and take 20 minutes to do an inventory check of how things are feeling. We don't believe that your need to do couch stretch everyday, a foam roller isn't a miracle cure and Voodoo Floss won't make your PR your squat. What we do believe is that you should regularly be doing physical check-ins addressing what needs to be addressed. 

THINK BUT DON'T BE LIMITED TO: Thoracic | Lower Body | Upper Body 


FOOD PREP: Your off day nutrition is important. A day of cheating can throw your next days training session completely off. Remember how you FEEL at the end of the week should be your motivation to not eat poorly all weekend not a pass to over indulge. Set yourself up to continual success by making sure you have your nutrition set for the upcoming week. 

YOU TIME: We all value different things that make us feel alive. Carve out time for these things, whether its brunch with friends, getting lost in a good book or playing with your kids. Do what helps you recharge your batteries and be before you know it guess what it'll be training day again...