Who Am I?

I am the one with the crazy ideas. 

I head up Corporate communications for HP Inc., a company in the midst of reinvention. 

I love to live, be outside, experience everything. Try things and visit places. Connect people. See people succeed.

Over the last year, I've been challenged to live up to new expectations. Learning to find and embrace failure, in fitness and life.

This morning I did 43 push-ups - good form, four sets to failure in a normal training session.  I love knowing my edge, I thank Kura for helping me discover it. 

Above are the intentions I set in the beginning of the year. I thought it would take an entire year to reach them. Instead, life moved forward faster and these goals need to be updated because they have all been crushed. 

Over the course of the past year I have learned and grown so much. Understanding why is as important as the what. Inside the gym: I learned what my lats, hamstrings and glutes can really do.  Journaling small victories makes the difference for me, I can account all my gains from the work I've put in.  Outside the gym: nutrition, lifestyle and sleep, have been big ones for me.  News Flash: I could enjoy group training more if I wasn't exhausted. Prior to joining Kura I worked out religiously at 5:30 a.m. every Monday, Wednesday and Friday before work and had work events every evening. When I joined Kura the first things my Coach, Melissa had me do was transition into training Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday (Now my favorite workout day) instead. We added 5:30 pm departures from work three days a week and I took charge of me. 

The result: I'm no longer exhausted and my family is happier too


I will instead of I wish, makes all the difference. As a Mom, you make the choice to set the best life for your family. Husband, kids and the dog too. Everyone has to have the best life. That requires will. A decade in, don't know any other way. 
So...when Coach says, you can. I say, I will. 


This is not the ending point for me, my goals are continually evolving, better everyday. 
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