Rob Carpenter


Running, running and more running. Mostly on a treadmill at 24 Hour Fitness. 5 to 10 miles a day but sometimes much farther on weekends. A little upper body work on machines but nothing consistent - I could never stay focused. That is my background. No other athletic background, even in high school and college - just solo running. 

Despite this, both of my sons are Marines. As a father I was very happy and proud of the muscle they added at bootcamp. It made me curious myself and I eventually asked for advice, their recommendation: Try CrossFit as a good way to get into great shape quickly. So I began researching CrossFit - initially only for the muscle adding potential.  Once I began I discovered all of the other healthier lifestyle aspects CrossFit focuses on as well - it turn into a real education in overall fitness for me!

In working with my coach, Melissa, I discovered my dreams of being an athlete were not outlandish. I began exclusive training to compliment my group training. These personalized sessions were created to focus on my goals. Being an exclusive training client amounted to gains in my CrossFit abilities and a real confidence in my ability to make changes in my body.  Abilities improved not just through practice but also through focusing on my weaknesses.  Individual attention to my next steps with my long term goals made progress quick and easy.


My EC programming extends far outside training—nutrition, lifestyle, sleep, recovery, — are all apart of the work I do with my coach, I am living healthier life. 

I eat clean with a cheat meal or two per week and we've found that this generally makes me feel good each day while letting me gain muscle and lose fat.  I walk with my head held high - due both to good posture and being proud of my progress!
Sleep?  Like a baby, 8 plus hours a night according to my Basis Peak (a health monitoring watch) 
Everyone that knows me saw me go through years of yo-yo dieting and being a skinny-fat long-slow-cardio runner.  Now that I have been getting consistently stronger and slimmer for over two and a half years no one is thinking yo-yo anymore. For the first time I also have the confidence to know there will be no more of that again. 
This is not the ending point for me, my goals are continually evolving, better everyday. 
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