Exclusive Training Client Highlight

 Tracey Nakakura


Outside of the box, I’m a wife and mother of 2 boys 17 and 9. I’m a Product Manager in Gap Tech for Gap Inc. and have been there for 20 years. My hobbies have usually centered on sports because I grew up swimming and playing basketball. I took up triathlons after our first son to try to get back into shape. I’ve been part of an outrigger paddling club for the past 10 years and have been fortunate to do races in Hawaii and Southern California. 


What prompted you to become an Exclusive Training Client at KURA?

Being new to the sport of CrossFit it felt like there were so many things I needed to learn.  For 6 months, I went to class and looked forward to it weekly. Every workout was different, so I would be excited to go to class and find out what “surprise” was waiting for us. I wanted to get better at everything.  I asked my coach for additional workouts that focused on my “opportunities” of which there were many.

Prior to working with Coach Melissa what were you doing for training? What were your goals?

I was going to spin class twice a week, yoga class once a week and boot  camp once or twice a week. I was getting bored by spin and boot camp and wanted something more challenging and different. I was also doing outrigger paddling 3-4 times per week for 2 hours Feb-Sept.

What have you learned about training/yourself since beginning KURA's Exclusive Training Program?

Training – Constantly varied never gets boring and will get you to any goal you have. Be patient
with the process and always understand the movement. Ask questions when you are not sure
or when you are not feeling it in the muscles your coach is telling you you should.
Myself – I am capable of more than I think I am. Get the mind right and the body will follow.

What are your current goals?

String together 5 strict pull-ups.

Hold a free standing hand stand for more than 5 seconds.

Hit my goal weight and body fat %.

What personal record or gains have you made since starting the Exclusive Training Program at KURA?

In the last 6 months, I got my first strict pull-up, increased my technique and efficiency of my burpee and increased my deadlift by 50 pounds 175 to 225.

I’ve lost 10 pounds and 4% body fat – primarily around my tummy and hips which I call my "17 year baby fat"

What has your coach taught you…any advice she regularly reminds you/sayings/etc.

Consistency and technique are key. Enjoy what you are doing and don’t deprive yourself!

What does Individual Training entail? Commitment? Daily logging? Videos?

Commitment – Attend training or communicate with your coach on how to adjust your schedule.
Get every workout in and be present – mind and body.

Log daily workouts - reps, weight and how they felt – good, bad, ugly. Go up or go down next
time, adjust grip or positioning. Notes that help me know what to do if the same exact workout
is presented again. Also includes # of hours of sleep, energy, performance and hunger ratings.

Log my daily eating in My Fitness Pal. Melissa, my coach has access to my log. I include everything, even those snacks that are not ideal.

Watch videos  Melissa sends me videos with my training that I review prior to my workouts. I also send videos of my home workouts when requested or when I need her to see what felt good or not good.

What have you SPECIFICALLY learned and incorporated for factors outside training—nutrition, lifestyle, sleep, recovery, etc.—and how has that impacted you?

Eating right requires planning and can easily be achieved with teamwork. As a family we’ve taken a 180 degree turn of eating out multiple times per weekend and buying lunch during the week to cooking 95% of our meals and bringing lunch daily. We’ve saved money and have become healthier. This was a steady progression which required steps – cleaned out the pantry of foods that could “trigger” bad eating, trying new recipes and making time to cook.

WHY should an athlete/person …even an ‘every day’ person…consider KURA’s Exclusive Client Training? What would they get out of it?

The coaches tailor the program to your needs and ability to reach your goals. It’s not a one size fits all program or a quick fix. It’s a program that focuses on creating healthy habits and making your body strong at a pace that will not cause injuries. Any person would gain knowledge and a better understanding of exercise and nutrition.

I still do yoga and have improved in every way since starting individual programming. My balance is better due to my midline strength, my standing poses are more aligned because of my mobility, etc…I am the happiest, strongest, fittest and healthiest I’ve been in all of my 47 years 


Interested in joining our Exclusive Training Program? Exclusive Training is open to all, designed to match your goals, training backgrounds and abilities.  To connect our team to begin training contact us here!


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