It's that time again!

Join us Monday, September 7th at 9 a.m. for a CrossFit KURA Community Workout. 

Who is our Community Workout for: Our KURA Athletes, our friends, those we haven't met yet and those who are curious about CrossFit training. If you've been hesitant to explore the Crossfit world this is your pressure free chance

What to expect:

The morning will start off with good coffee, introductions, wake ups and a chance to meet new faces. Foam rollers, rowers, bands, grab one and loosen up!

Once the caffein kicks in our trainers will lead you through a group warm up and get the workout started.

The Community Workout will be exactly that. A fun and challenging workout designed to challenge and get a good sweat out of all. Whether you are just getting back into fitness or one of our veteran athlete our coaches will assure that your workout matches where you are.

After the workout we will return to our rollers, replace the coffee with champaign and cool down with some mobility and stretching.

The CrossFit KURA Community Workout is free to all, bring a friend or two.

BE KURA SUP Boarding

Friday - Sunday September 11-13th, 2015 

Perfection is shallow, unreal, and fatally uninteresting"
Be You.

Meet the KURA Butterflies
We are the women who love seeking adventure, challenge, and asserting our femininity during sports. We have have a passion for giving back to the world.







Spread your wings; BE KURA RETREAT
When: September 11th-13th

Where: CrossFit KURA and TAHOE

Cost: $150 per person before Aug 12th*  (includes 2 night stay, event registration and KURA BE Tank) 

Car ride kaioke to Tahoe City.
Arrive at cabin, settle in.
BBQ, competitive Jenga and Corn-Hole

The Butterfly Effect Event
8am-9am - Check in at Kings Beach Recreation Area
10am - Group Paddle (1-4 miles)
11:30am tp 3pm - Beach Festival and Lunch

Clearly coffee first
Optional AM Sunrise walk to the beach
Light Breakfast
Vision and Goal Setting Session
Return drive to San Mateo

Register and Learn More about the Butterfly Effect



If you're up for adventure, a good sweat and a cold beer, this day is just for you.



Saturday June 20th, 9-11am.
CrossFit KURA will be hosting it's first MEN COMMUNE

The purpose of this event is to provide our men and their friends an opportunity to experience the competition setting and simply throw down on some workouts with their buddies.

(Let's call it a day pre-father's day, you don't have to have a kid day)

This event will be geared toward first time and mid-level athletes.
Workouts: There will be three workouts. Workouts will be scalable and challenging for all.
If you are not a current member of the gym but are interested in beginning training with us, this event will be a great opportunity! We'd love to have you either way.